Madonna & Child Commission

I am pleased to be shipping out this painting today to Collector C. Scott.  It was commissioned before I left for California.

Completed in Oakland, CA in my present studio. The Madonna happened to be living on the same farm I was, and I asked her for a photo shoot to recreate a modern Madonna.  I am sad to see the painting go so soon, but I held on to it for my fair share of time. 18x 24

National Poetry Month

I recently had a couple video and photoshoots to go along with my poetry reading for Pianofight.

Pianofight is a wonderful organization making it happen for all sorts of art projects, and films, giving a great space for actors, writers, poets, and all types of visual artists.

The studio is in downtown San Francisco on 144 Taylor street.

Also :



Here is their shoot of my studio, and a sneak peak into a recently revisited painting, while I am reading one of my automatic poems for National Poetry Month.


Here are a few shots of recent works or details of certain works. More coming very soon, I have been working like a crazy person. Thanks for checking out my work :)

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